Sunday, November 7, 2010

Waiting for Divine Intervention.

So where is God?

Last week I was quite moved by an article in the National Post titled: His wrath upon their heads.  In it Father Raymond J. de Souza rightly condemns the abhorrent and heinous murders of Coptic Christians in Iraq.

I've known Iraqi Christians and I've heard their stories.  They are some of the finest people you will ever meet and their faith is strong.  I grieve for them and I share Father de Souza's sentiments.  The crimes by Al Qaeda in the name of Islam cry out for justice.  Father de Souza says it best:
The blood on the altar makes it clear. No amount of goodwill, no amount of dialogue, no amount of circumlocutory evasions, no amount of supine prostrations--nothing will dissuade the jihadists. So let us not abnegate ourselves over the dead bodies of our fallen brethren in Christ. Let us speak frankly of those who want to kill us.
Allahu Akbar-- God is great! So those Catholics on Sunday heard the jihadists shout in the church. Can there be any greater sacrilege than to kill the innocent at prayer, while shouting that God is great?
There can be no greater sacrilege.  The words and acts of Al Qaeda reek to heaven and earth.  Not since the Holocaust has there been a greater need for Divine Intervention.  Al Qaeda is the embodiment of all things evil.  Persons and intuitions who deliver anything less than total and unambiguous retribution on the members of Al Qaeda have abdicated any authority granted them.

One only needs to look at the Omar Kadr case to know whose side the Justice system is on.  Kadr will walk free and with millions of dollars as sure as the sun will come up.  This is how liberal justice works.

Will God then grant us a miracle of justice?  Will the piano of righteousness serenely and faultlessly descend on the guilty head of one Omar Kadr?

No.  It didn't happen to Hitler and it won't happen to Kadr and his friends.

As with World War 2 the only justice we can expect is the justice we secure for ourselves.  The courts, the politicians, the media, not even God Himself seems up to the task.  God is never up to the task.  Its always us.

You may have realized that I'm an atheist.  I'm not entirely sure about Gods existence as I can't be entirely sure about anything.  I'm more like an agnostic who has come to a decision.  I don't say this to feel superior and no I don't hate my dad.  I have simply decided not to fear the truth as I see it.  Atheism is the unfortunate answer to an old question.

Let me be wrong.  Let these blaspheming murderers feel the wrath of God.  Let me know that God lives for I will not worship one who allows this evil against Him and His followers.  God seems as powerless as I am.  At least I know that I am real.

I feel a desire to be that piano and to land on the heads of the guilty.  Is that God?  Is that my calling.. to become justice.  Its probably just another impossible wish.  I can't be alone.

Ether way I'm waiting and watching for a sign from God.  So far its nothing but people on all sides.  Good people, bad people but always people.  No devils and no angels but for the corporeal type.

I don't believe there will be any justice of any kind unless we make it.  We can't just keep waiting for Divine intervention. 


stageleft said...

You might as well settle in for a long wait, and chances are all you'll get in the end is the standard "the lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to make known to man" line from his followers - it seems to work for pretty well everything.

Anonymous said...

The issue here is choice.
People choose to kill people. Especially if it gets them a free pass to a drunken orgy in "heaven”. People will kill for a lie, even if they have doubts. People will die for what they believe to be the truth.
In the Judaic\Christian traditions, one of the first gifts to man was free will. If God appeared or acted on the earth obviously, it could infringe upon that gift.
Miraculous occurrences in modern times are easily dismissed because we always have the option of non-belief with our intelligence and self-importance intact.
Historically (religious based history) God relies on his servants to perform His tasks/miracles. As befitting some great monarch who has trusted servants to carry out his orders, a prince is sent as an emissary, a general to a parlance etc.
If you are wondering why the established governments of the western world side with Islam in these situations. Think about this. Liberalism and Islam have a great deal in common. They both require a strict adherence to a certain world view (irregardless of hard facts). They both work diligently to remove all other faiths from their presence. They are both extremely bigoted in their views\acts towards outsiders. They are both elitist and always right about everything. They both subscribe to “the ends justify the means”. They are very “tribal”. One could go on and on.
They seem to cooperate with because they believe they will prevail in the end at the expense of the other.

Joe said...

It has been said and evidence indicates that 'the blood of the martyred saints is the seeds of the church'. If you look back over history time and time again a slaughter of saints leads to the formation of a dynamic effective church where the saints were slaughtered. What could be sweeter revenge than replacing that vile belief called Islam with Christianity in the Arabic heartland.

Anonymous said...

There is no god. As they say: "Sh*t in one hand and hope in the other, etc". Don't waste time on imaginary friends. Justice depends on us.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to get into the YesGod/NoGod debate.

But I'm glad you said "One only needs to look at the Omar Kadr case to know whose side the Justice system is on".

This is bang on. Low life scum judges and lawyers get a self imagined moral superiority rush from letting garbage like Khadr and other criminals go free.

Lawyers ignore the actions of the individual in their headlong efforts to twist the letter of the law to show off how talented and imaginative they are at "SERVING" thier client. In their minds the suffering of victims no matter how horrible is inconsequential (indeed - not worthy of most minor consideration) next to the comfort of their wonderful client.

Judges get the elitist egotistical high of showing everyone how "fair" they are and how over and above the petty concerns of the common mob they are.

They are both garbage. And our equally scummy politicians are too spineless to write effective laws or use the notwithstanding clause.

Alex said...

@Stageleft: We'll see. There are stanger things under the Sun than I can account for.

@ Anon1: Liberal fundamentalism is disease that must be eradicated.

@ Joe: I like that. Good luck and Godspeed with that mission. Its been that way since the begining. Jesus was the first in a long line of martyrs that led to the ultimate dominance of the Church. The Church's power and conviction have been waning for some time now. Heres to a resurgence.

@ Anon2: never heard that one before. Either way it is true that justice is up to us.

@ Anon3: We are on the same page.

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