Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Skeptic Victory: Cameron Wimps Out of his own CAGW Debate

Name any competition you like.  If you don't show up, YOU LOSE.  James Cameron lost his first debate on Global Warming.  It was spectacular display of cowardice and vitriol.

The debate was put forward by Cameron himself with all the bravado of a western gunslinger.  He said he wanted to "call those deniers out into the street at high noon and shoot it out with those boneheads."

We were there at high noon.  You think trash talk like that is going scare a skeptic?  We've heard worse from better people and still win.   

Ann McElhinney, Marc Morano, and Andrew Breitbart took up the challenge.  They were contacted by Cameron's people and invited to debate at AREDAY.  AREDAY was an environmental conference that would give Cameron the home field advantage and the crowd.  Then things start to get fishy.  Cameron starts changing the rules until the debate becomes a no public, no cameras round table where even audio recordings became a bone of contention.  So much for high noon. 

I believe Cameron was trying to force his opponents to quit and storm off in a huff.  It didn't work.  Skeptics performed admirably and graciously, conceding to all of Camerons unreasonable changes until he was finally forced to run away like a big wuss.  That same day, sore loser Cameron petulantly called skeptics "swine."    

This is the character of you're average warmist.  They talk a big game, playing it up like they're Mohamed Ali going into the big fight.  What do we get instead?  He runs and hides like the biggest wussy on the planet calling us swine over a cowardly shoulder.  

How often do we hear that money is not the measure of a man?  James Cameron measures up like a loser, a coward and a wuss.  (this is me being nice)

What benefit could running away from your own event have for Cameron?  Someone advised him not to do this presumably for some tactical advantage.  He obviously wants to scrap but then doesn't.  He forfeited  giving us victory but if he wants to run lets indulge him some more and give chase.  There's some weakness here that we must perceive and exploit.

What could force Cameron to run?  He thought it was a good idea and then changed his mind.  Could he become the next Al Gore?  Would people have seen him spitting and frothing and known the true face of James Cameron?  David Suzuki has his hate face on youtube and there is no amount of PR the Suzuki Foundation can apply to counter it.   The King of the World doesn't want his crown tarnished.

It's his crown and kingdom that he truly values.  Like all hypocritical leftards he puts his wealth and stature above his trendy causes.  This is why he ran away, leaving his cause to look pathetically cultish, intolerant, and threatened.  

Go for the crown and we draw him into battle.  This is war after all.  Cameron has declared war on the human race.  A self-declared enemy deserves no quarter and no comfort.  Its an irony that anarchists, socialists, and haters of the free market and law have created tools that directly diminish Camerons wealth.  The people inclined to willingly consume Camerons product are also the people most likely to steal it.  

We must simply not consume any Cameron product.  If you must consume it for academic reasons, borrow it from a friend or from the public library.  As Cameron, King of the Avatards, ages the bitterness and vitriol are sure to increase.  Enjoy these outbursts.  It means we are winning.   


The_Iceman said...

Sorry bro, I already rented Avatar. As bad as the plot and dialogue were, it was a decent film, better than a lot of shit that makes it to the big screen.

Alex said...

I did worse and saw it in 3D and paid for my GF too. Cost me something like $40 all said and done. I even enjoyed it and I'm not sorry.

The point is that I could have spent a lot more if it was something I beleived in. With thriftiness being socially acceptable again its really easy to cut Mr Coward Cameron off. It could have been the next Star Wars but instead it made us all villains. I won't buy the Blue Ray. I won't buy toys for the kids I hope to have. Alien and Terminator are really begining to stink as franchises and you know what else? I think its conservatives that make the bulk of casual sci-fi consumers. Granola girls and jocks don't typically like the future. My girl is pretty Granola herself and hated all the violence in it.

Avatar will not see its full potential realised and Cameron has no one to blame but himself.

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