Saturday, August 14, 2010

How freinds of the CBC describe the CBC

John Doyle is a friend of the CBC.  Its reasonable to assume that he is well acquainted with CBC having written many articles about them for The Globe and Mail.  His insights into that liberal organ this morning were both enlightening and amusing.

Here's some of the best parts:

"The CBC is a bizarre institution, a rats’ nest of ego, bickering, backstabbing, rumour and sour dislike of anyone who either has power inside CBC, or anyone or anything that isn’t part of the CBC. It’s a wonder they ever get around to producing any shows."
and then while talking about some guy who left:
"- he took charge because he was exactly what the place needed – someone strong-willed enough to be dismissive of the CBC’s lazy internal culture."
Lefties love their strong willed dismissive elites.  CBC needs some more of that.  Hahah!

What about The National?

"Months after a makeover, The National is still a farce. The awkward-looking scenario of stand-up anchors, inelegant poses and reporters speaking from giant screens makes the program look like some terrible, cheapo sci-fi movie. The fleeting news “bits” about trivial stories are the very definition of dumbed-down, and even the weather reports delivered by Claire Martin are so irrelevant they have the air of absurdist mini-dramas. Worse, the makeover has not given The National the ratings boost that was hoped."
 I kind of like The National.  I know its weird, but its also the best the CBC can do.  When I want to know what lefties are thinking I'll stream The National

These are the problems with the CBC according to Doyle:
"The key ingredient of provocative, challenging television has gone missing. The core problem for CBC in dealing with both its loyal audience and its enemies is that it has to justify its existence to two very different camps. On the one hand, airing ratings hits makes CBC a player in Canadian broadcasting, accumulating ad dollars and viewers. On the other hand, those who expect a public broadcaster to provide what commercial TV cannot are asking, where’s the beef?"
The problem with the CBC are folks like Doyle.  When lefties say "provocative challenging television," what they mean is: smash conservative ideas to smithereens.   Nobody has to watch, they just have to do it.  There's an important mission for a state broadcaster that shouldn't have to bow to pithy concepts like revenue or profit. 

This is all just a right wing propaganda to them.
"Meanwhile, CBC News has been spooked by constant assaults on its integrity by the forces of the right in Canada. The Conservative Party and its allies have done what the minority Conservative government can now avoid doing directly – isolating CBC News as a lefty organization out of touch with Canadians. It’s been deftly done, and CBC has reacted to the point of often appearing embarrassingly eager to over-accommodate right-wing views."
That's rich, but also telling.  The CBC is incapable of improving or adapting along with the country.  They are stuck in Trudeau era Canada and can't get out.  The county has changed under their noses but refuse to accept there is even a bias problem.

I don't remember the CBC ever " appearing embarrassingly eager to over-accommodate right-wing views."  Correct me if I'm wrong please. 

The CBC should get out of politics altogether.  Government institutions like the police, the military or even Canada Post, take taxes from everyone and provide a service to everyone.  How could I support an institution that promotes its own narrow interests at the expense of everyone?  Doyle asks "wheres the beef," but wants everyone to eat it well-done.  Give me blue-rare dammit.  Give me raw facts and let me do the cooking.

The lefty mind believes that  the CPC should be smithereens by now.  The continuing government of Stephen Harper's Conservatives could only mean that the CBC isn't doing its job.  I contend the opposite.  A string of poor leaders and no policy except economic self-flagellation should sink any party.  The surprising resilience of the LPC is due in no small part to the life support given to it by the MSM in general and the CBC in particular. 

People hate spin.  They aren't stupid.  The sooner the CBC stops trying to teach the poor dummies how to think the sooner their troubles will be behind them.


Kit said...

The CBC is irrelevant. As a national Broadcaster it is a sad failure. It's consolidation of service to urban Canada makes a mockery of its original mandate. Its News isn't. Its comedy isn't. It is punditry, commentary and bias. Its documentaries are indoctrination not education.
It is PC, urban elitism at is most refined and it can never speak for me. I demand my tax money be used for anything else.

fernstalbert said...

The CBC is not happy? My goodness who cares - its a left wing shill for the Liberals, NDP and BLOC - it has 1 billion unaccountable tax dollars and unfettered access to the Canadian radio and tv airwaves. What is happiness at Mothercorp? It certainly can't be measured by popular viewership numbers - this is only achieved when Hockey Night in Canada is broadcasting. How galling. The lefty bias does not put consumers in the home theatre seats. Here my advice, give the peeps what they want and quit with the preaching and moral arm twisting. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

The CBC needs to gutted to one French and one English TV stations on the main network, nothing more. The yearly Billion dollar price tag is a joke while the ROI is even more of a joke. In a competitive world without taxpayer funding they would be gone within 1 year

Sean M said...

The CBC is a propaganda machine for the Liberals, Separatists, and the NDP, and a monument to Trudeauvian cultism.

Anonymous said...

A lot of what is said here applies to the corporate world too if you ask me - too politically correct and socialistic. But, the CBC is a dinosaur trying to pretend to not be the dodo bird. The hour glass is almost finished. (real conservative)

Alex said...

I agree with you all.

I would differentiate corporate stupidity from government stupidity. Corporations become unresponsive behemoths at their peril. Government compels us to buy their shoddy products at a price they decide and service levels they decide. They can't fail. They own us.

Anonymous said...

There may be corporations that appear too big to fail, not to you or me but to those inside them. Most big companies I have worked at, and it has been more than a few, all suffer from them invincibility head trip in at least a few ways. I advocate going back to simpler times when business was run like business and social engineering was entirely in the realm of government. I had more respect for business then unlike now. (real conservative)

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