Thursday, March 12, 2015

Trudeau's Covered Faces

Justin Trudeau wants covered faces at citizenship ceremonies.  Let's not judge other cultures.  The Burka, the Niqab, and the Klan hood are equivalent to Canadian culture in moral relativist terms.

Don't judge now you bigots.

Followers of the Sith faith are in perfectly acceptable Citizenship attire wearing armored red niqabs of the Imperial Guard.

The Emperor would be most pleased to swear in new Canadians in his Iranian style Abaya / Chador.

Cobra Commander is also welcome in Justin's world.  Watch his hood.  You can just barely see him swearing allegiance to Canada.

Hail Cobra!  That's what they say where he comes from.  It's considered an insult if you don't also say it and mean it.  In fact, its his custom just to say "Hail Cobra" and then join Cobra and forget the Canadian thing altogether.

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