Friday, March 6, 2015

Alberta Voters Should "Look in the Mirror"

I agree with Jim Prentice.  Albertans do need to look in the mirror.  The PC's mismanaged Alberta's finances and even lied about it for years.

So who elected the PCs?  You did Alberta.  It's not like we didn't warn you.  Listen to your leader Jim Prentice.  Look in the mirror.  If you see a PC voter then you caused Allison Redford.  All the other mistakes are hers and her government's.  But you elected them.

Ontario voters are responsible for Wynne.  American voters are responsible for Obama.

Ok.  So you screwed up and drank in progressive lies.  No big deal.  I screw up too.  You don't need to be sorry.  Just don't do it again.

I'm sure Jim Prentice will get around to retracting this bit of common sense.  "Look in the mirror" is bad form for a progressive.  The truth is usually bad form.

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