Sunday, April 7, 2013

Redford's Keystone messaging could lead to failure for Alberta

Tom Harris has a message for Alberta Premiere Allison Redford in his article: Smart messaging needed to avoid pipeline lobbying failure.  Harris laments Alberta's Keystone pipeline messaging saying "a supposedly conservative government feeds the fire that threatens to destroy the province’s, and indeed the country’s, main source of wealth, their vast hydrocarbon resources" and of Allison Redford that "her approach is doomed to failure." 

The article identifies Harris as the Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition, and an advisor to the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.  He's put together an excellent well reasoned video you can watch below.

(h/t WUWT)

What's wrong with preaching nonsense to the nonsensical?  Why not serve gobbleygook  to the gook gobblers?  Well because its a waste of time. 

Pandering to the ridiculous only reinforces it.  It's better to appeal to higher reasoning than to stoop to the level of sloganeering battles.  They sloganeer to appeal to the ignorant in the first place.  The antidote to ignorance is clarity on reality, not learning to speak the mongrel noises of the irrational eco-nut.

By trying to appease climate alarmists and using their own nonsensical and incorrect language in a vain effort to win them over Redford is conceding victory.  They don't have a rational reason to oppose Keystone.  Its pure symbolism.  Keystone is a proxy for their larger war.  They don't care if Keystone is better for the environment.  They care about scoring a victory against "big oil."  There is no circumstance where the success of the pipeline will include the symbolic victory they seek. 

Eco-nuts are the enemy. 

I make a distinction against Eco-nuts and people like us who love the environment.  You can't call yourself Canadian and not be in love with this beautiful land.  We are people who respect the land and work hard in our responsible and bountiful economy.  We are the target audience and we share these values with Americans. 

Eco-nuts are lost.  There is nothing we can say to sway them.  Perhaps losing their illogical Keystone battle is the first step to their rediscovery of reason but that is a path they have to walk themselves.  Approving Keystone will help the average person and that is who we need to be speaking to.

Allison Redford will be speaking to the anti-Keystone Brookings Institute in Washington next week.  It will be live streamed but you have to register. 

Whatever happens to Keystone will have major political and economic repercussions in Alberta, Canada and the United States.


Tom Harris said...

Thanks very much for your excellent thoughts on this - I am sending your piece about.

Tom Harris
International Climate Science Coalition

Peter Riden said...

Alex, along with Tom, not only have the eloquence when it comes to express themselves but also the cohesion firmly planted in their rational, even if unpopular an approach. Who wants to be popular, if deep down you have no cerebral well anchored reasoning? Tom is defiantly well researched and highly knowledgeable in his statements and Alex's response indicates that some are out there, capable to grasp what the whole scenario is really about. Alex, as much as Tom, are nature lovers but not dumb about what is really at stake and it seems to evade the mouthpieces that only speak of what they are dictated by the Mass Media Circus. Keep the light on, gentlemen!
Peter Riden

Alex F said...

Thank you Tom. Very excellent work.

Thanks Peter.

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