Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not so bad: Redford champions the Oil Sands in Washington

Yesterday Alison Redford spoke to the Brookings Institute on the Keystone XL pipeline.  You can watch the whole thing here and the text is here.

I'm going to cut the wildly unpopular Premier of Alberta some slack on this one.  She did good.  I think that somebody initially opposed to the pipeline might change their mind on Keystone if they were listening and reasonable.  Canada needs that and so does Obama.

Of course that doesn't excuse her lousy government's dismal record on the purposefully obscured budget deficit and broken promises.  It's just that the Oil Sands and its vital arteries like Keystone are central to Canada's economy and our National Interest.  Partisanship is not appropriate on this key issue.

Thomas Mulcair, being a foreign citizen and leader of a communist/separatist NDP unsurprisingly doesn't see it this way.  When his MPs aren't bashing Canada's victorious dead, they are defecting to the Bloc.  In his spare time Mulcair is himself bashing the Oil Sands in the east with phony Dutch Disease and bashing it in the South with similar tales.  The NDP is the party of division and disaster.

The NDP segment of society; the self styled "progressives" showed up to Alison's discussion too.  Out of the 2 hours they spoke for, these morons disrupted only about a minutes and a half of it.  I've compiled the interruptions into this short video.  Let's take a look.  It's always fun.

Idiot #1:  "They want to sell out the future of life on our planet! Lets get more creative!  Create Green Jobs!  It's easy.  We just need a little more subsidies and we create green jobs!"

Who's a sell out?  A little more subsidies to create green jobs and "the future of life on our planet," isn't so important anymore.  Nobody but the eco-nuts think Keystone threatens the future of life on earth.  Well.  I don't even think they believe it.  They just say it, and then they get their money.  Sell outs.

Idiot #2:  "You all are responsible for all these pipelines in the United States and for oil proliferation throughout our country."  (Idiot#2 then runs in the wrong direction, towards the stage, where he is tackled and led away)

Where to begin with this one.  First.  Plaid shirt.  Trucker Hat.  Obviously he's trying to look like a regular Joe.  What did they think this guy came for?  Perhaps Washington has a new form of parasite akin to squeegee kids.  One that drifts through Washington from think tank event to think tank event to keep warm and scavenge food.

Kid, those people on the stage did not build any pipelines nor will they.  Real people who actually like to wear plaid shirts and trucker hats built all those pipelines.  These are pipelines that you happen to use on a daily basis and have done since the day you were born.  Also Google oil history to find out why you sound so incredibly stupid.

Idiot # 3:  "Climate Change means mass casualty flooding, mass casualty famines, mass casualty droughts."
Is that what Climate Change means this week?  A couple of weeks ago we learned Climate Change causes gun crimes in Chicago.  Yesterday I read Climate Change will cause turbulence on your flight.  Climate change is a new God.  It causes all things that people don't like.  It might even have caused itself to go away for the last 20 years and also caused all the progressives not to notice.

Idiot # 4: "That's why were doing something about it," said Alison Redford.  One thing you can't do it is talk sense into these idiots.  Look at his face.  He practices that look in the mirror I bet.  You've also just pleaded  guilty multiple mass manslaughter.  All in a days work for a prog politician.  Guess who caused the next flood, drought and famine?  Alison Redford.  Good thing she is doing something about it.

If that is what it takes to get this thing built, then plead away.

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