Thursday, September 17, 2015

The GOP Candidates and the CNN Debate from here

From my perch in Cochrane Alberta I've been quietly following the Republican Primaries in the US.  Our southern cousins are fascinating to many Canadians.  It's something of a spectator sport.

Even after tonight's debate I haven't got a favorite.  I was out door-knocking all evening but I caught the repeat airing on CNN.  There are a lot of good candidates and some notorious ones this time.  It's no clever observation to say that there are still far too many candidates.

Let's look at some of them.

Jeb Bush

The Mitt Romney of this round.  He's the progressive establishment candidate who could manage to lose to Clinton.  I hope the primaries don't repeat like last time with Jeb consistently coming in second and each front runner getting knocked out one by one.  I was embarrassed for the Tea Party last time.  It seemed like there was a new anti-establishment hero every week and they ended up with a progressive loser anyway.

Rand Paul

Such a disappointment.   The Libertarian moment seems so far away now.  Ever since Reason magazine attacked him a year or so ago its been all down hill.  His libertarians have decamped for parties who's policies will never be tested in Government and will never need to compromise or adjust their beliefs to fit the experience.  He's stuck with libertarian's who still believe in the Republican Party, which is precious few.

He also retains foreign policy positions from simpler times making him seem kooky to conservatives yet still fascist to libertarians.

Scott Walker

I like Scott Walker.  He's actually made progress against unions and survived.  I've got a lot of respect for him.  I could see him in the next administration but I'm not sure he'll become the nominee this time.  If he was the nominee I think he'd win.  

Marco Rubio

I don't know why he isn't doing better.  He's got a baby face and a powerful speaking style.  Maybe its because he hasn't really said anything interesting.  Who is he again?  What did he do?  Here's another one that might be the nominee in another election down the road after he's done something noteworthy.  

Chris Christie

-Unlikable.  -Handed Obama the election.  -Climate Nazi.  -Has a history of using the government to attack his enemies.  Ok, he stood up to a teachers union.  I'm still not impressed.  

Ben Carson

The neurosurgeon.  I think he'd make a great president.  He'd introduce a flat tax but he's pro gun control.  My impression is that he would think through each issue carefully and use his best judgment of the facts to make decisions.  What more can an electorate ask for?  

He's got a soft spoken bedside manner as well that is very endearing.  He would make a good Surgeon General.  I don't see him becoming the nominee. 

Carly Fiorina 

She could beat Clinton or Bernie.  I like her business credentials and she did very well in the debate.  Trump may have unwittingly helped her.  Good.  I think she could repair the Republican brand and become a great president.  There is still a long way to go before becoming nominee.   

Donald Trump

It's hard not to like The Donald.  He says a lot things that no one else will say.  That turns a lot of people on, myself included.  

What bothers me about Trump is the sense of deja-vu I get from him.  I've seen this before.  I've felt this way about a politician before.  Here's a guy who's successful and smart but obviously unfashionable.  He says a lot of things I want to hear in a way that makes the other guys mad.  He reminds me of Rob Ford.  

Rob Ford is not happening again.  Not to me.  Rob Ford taught me the value of that old saying: if it looks like duck, and talks like a duck, chances are its a duck.  Part of what I liked about Rob Ford was that he was the archetype of everything Liberals hate.  Too much so.  

I think Trump has a lot of the same thing going for him.  Namely: he's a rich a-hole with a big mouth and bad hair and so what if he gets the job done.  Isn't that it?  That's essentially Trump.  Ford has different so-whats and even Stephen Harper has a few so-whats.

People can live with the hair.  What's it got to do with policy?  Nothing.  But it will be globally mocked incessantly and without mercy considering how quick Trump himself turns to insults.  People can forgive the hair now but when mistakes eventually are made and when Trump's other flaws come to light it will become unbearable.

Everyone is stupid or ugly except Donald Trump if they disagree.  So he might not even get to hear about his mistakes or false assumptions until its too late.  Then I assume he'll run around saying "you're fired" a lot.  

I don't think he'll be President.  Mark me down as one of those moronic pundits.  I could see him as Secretary of the Treasury or in someplace that needs a buzz saw of a personality to go in tear bureaucrat egos into shreds.  I think he'd do really well in that type of role.  I wouldn't give him the nuclear missile codes.  I wouldn't let him talk to friends or enemies on behalf of the United States.   

As Mark Steyn put it:
Whether the Chinese Politburo would respond positively to a President Trump whose opening conversational gambit is "Now listen, you muthaf**kers" is doubtful.

Who will actually be the nominee?  My inner cynic keeps saying Jeb.  I won't pick a favorite; and another; and another.  I'll leave it to Republicans.  Maybe Clinton won't be so bad?


newcenturion said...

Carly was the clear winner with Rubio a close second. Cruz is a little too polished, rehearsed.
Best comment: "America is not a planet" from Rubio in response to "climate change"
I too would love to see Dr. Carson in the White House a very caring and genuine man with strong principles and values.
Trump, I predict his numbers will start dropping soon. He livens up the debate and he's a big draw. He's shaken up the establishment; mission accomplished. Trump has too much baggage to be the GOP candidate.
I'm not going to watch our debate tonight, I already know who I'm going to vote for and I know who the media party will crown the winner (anybody but the PM) and I have zero interest in listening to Justin and Tommy pontificate on "climate change" and "refugees " for 2 hours.

Frances said...

So Clinton wouldn't be so bad. I guess we can just ignore Benghazi and her lies about that attack - some over the coffins of the men who died. Forget her private server, even though she was explicitly told not to have one, and there is a very great probability it was hacked by foreign governments. And as for her latest comment that female sexual-assault accusers 'have the right to be believed': where was she when the accusee was her husband? Tearing the accusers to shreds, that's where.

So what would it take for you to rule her out?

L said...

Clinton will be a disaster.

Alex F said...

Sarcasm folks! The thought of Clinton in the White House was meant to bother you.

You didn't miss anything Newcenturion. There was nothing new.

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