Saturday, May 18, 2013



Indeed.  Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford had only that to say about the alleged "crack-cocaine" video being shopped around by Somali drug dealers.  They are looking for $200,000.

Fridge magnet Rob Ford gave me at a football game.  Collector's item?
I'd like to know how they will ever prove its crack-cocaine that he's smoking.  It's Rob Ford so it has to be the worst possible thing of course.  Can you be sure it isn't weed or tobacco or.... plutonium?

I'm inclined to believe the video could be authentic.  If so, Ford was set up to some degree by unscrupulous people.  It's not hard to imagine him taking a few hauls off of a pipe full of weed, let's say, to relive old times and maybe impress his new friends

If this is the case, I would get some verifiable drug testing done immediately. 

Who knows what the truth is?  Does Rob Ford even know?  What if he's drunk and smoking pencil shavings? 

The Justin Trudeau connection is a little odd too.  Funny how Junior wants to decriminalize pot but the left is going crazy that Ford is likely smoking the same thing they are.  (I say legalize and tax it) 

Ford allegedly calls the little princeling a "fag" in the video after being prompted by the Somali drug dealers to make fun of Trudeau.  That's too cute.  Hard to believe these are just some politically astute foreign low lifes.  There is probably more to this little story.  There is some opportunity for the Toronto Sun here since I don't think any other paper is going to pursue the criminals at all.

Either way, the video money once collected by these drug dealers will be an offence: living off the proceeds of crime.  They are the ones claiming a crime is being committed in the video and are using it to make money.  I doubt they will be paying their the GST on the transaction either.  The money, if they get it, should be seized and these crooks should be questioned at least.  Wait for Kinsella to cough it up.

I'm not keen on these dirt bags moving to Calgary with their illegal proceeds either.  Nenshi better be awake.

Ford is one heck of a target.  Imagine Nenshi's opponents treating him even half as bad?  I bet you could get a lefty to defend Clinton's drug use and Monika dipped cigars while slamming Rob Ford's pipe-scapade in the same breath.

I'm not sure I would ever vote for him, but I do like how he makes the left crazy.  All their tolerance bull crap goes right out the window.  It's enjoyable from this distance.  What can I say.  Its like National Lampoon's Toronto Mayor.

Too bad that it looks like its all over for him.  They'll go back to some useless leftard and quiet comfort in decline.


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