Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My letter to Mars Incorporated.

To whom it may concern:

I am disappointed to learn that you have cancelled advertising on SUN NEWS in 2012 because of political pressure applied by organised socialist email campaigns.

I'd like to remind you that these sorts of people are brand snobs and only eat locally grown organic foods.  They don't like wholesome, longstanding staple brands like Uncle Ben's.  They would never put your products in their mouths let alone serve them to others.

I enjoy eating Mars products including UNCLE BEN's rice and I expected more from such a quality food corporation.  Unfortunately this expertise does not apparently extend to your marketing department. 

I am gravely disappointed to see you manipulated so easily by your enemies and opponents to SUN NEWS.  There is a wide variety brands to chose from and unfortunately I may cease my patronage to Mars Incorporated and its affiliates. 

SUN NEWS viewers are good and decent people who appreciate corporations with the moral fiber to stand with their customers.

I do hope you reconsider your decision and reaffirm that Uncle Ben's and Mars Incorporated is the kind of organisation I  bring into my home on TV and feed to my loved ones.

Thank you

Alexander Fernandes

Can you do better?  Give it a go and post your own here.   Remember they aren't up for a blog rant.  They are in business to please you, their customer who loves them.
(h/t Craig Smith)


Anonymous said...

I have heard through the blogosphere that your company caved in to one Mr. Murphy, and subsequently removed your ad from Sun TV.

Mr. Murphy is apparently upset at an ad from the Institute of Canadian Values that takes umbrage at the policy of the TDSB to have educators make small children question their gender and sexual preferences at an extremely early age.

Mr. Murphy is a well known liberal blogger at http://bigcitylib.blogspot.com/ and is equally well known for his dislike of all things Conservative and Sun TV. His tag line is, "Tips on Beating Down the Conservative Menace". He in fact began an organized campaign to get people to write to you to abandon Sun TV:


I encourage you to visit his blog and read some of the unpleasant things he writes before you commit to your ad removal action.

In the meantime, I'm sad to say, I will no longer be purchasing your white microwave rice, Mars Bars, M&Ms, Temptations Cat treats or any Friskies Dry cat food.

E Mac said...

To make it short and sweet.

I have and will always continue to back food products that I approve of and am not swayed by politically correct or people who believe they should be black-balled because of their political patronage.
Not a matter of better but a matter of choice - mine.
With our family, nothing will change.

maryT said...

Guess Mars bars will not be in any of my families stockings this year. Sure glad I haven't bought my Christmas Candy yet. And those bars will not be given out next Oct 31.
To those companies realize that for every customer they try to please by supporting all those leftloonie types, they loose several others.
Sort of like movie stars making political stmts to support one thing, there are others who don't agree with them, and quit going to their movies, concerts ect. Notice attendance at movies is way down from previous years, and going down further.

Anonymous said...

Can I assume you sent a similar letter of outrage to Lowes. They recently withdrew there ads on "All American Muslims" due to complaints from a Christian group in Florida

Gerry said...

Sent message, got this copy back
Before boycotting Sun TV I assume you did a proper survey of your actual customer base to determine that those who actually buy your products are keen on you doing the boycott. If you did not do the proper research you may well have been duped by an organized activism of pretend customers. Only you know the facts of the matter but clearly we do not belong in your customer base as long as the boycott of Sun TV exists.

Anonymous said...

Here's my letter.

As a consumer of many of your products, I was very dismayed to learn that your company will not be advertising on Sun TV. I do not support any company that gives into political correctness or rants from a blogger. As a household of 4 vegetarians, rice is part of almost every dinner. Until now, I have always chosen Uncle Ben's.

Free speech/expression is fundamental to this country; therefore, I hope you will reverse your decision regarding your advertising.

Until then, I will no longer buy any of your products.

Alain said...

I went to their web site and advised them that due to caving in to the radical anti-free speech crowd, I, as a SNN regular viewer, will no longer purchase their products. I also stated that I would be advising my family, friends and neighbours to do the same.

They need to know that this works both ways, and as many as possible should let them know. It is time to strike back.

maryT said...

No Lowes around here and don't get that program, but I might send a letter of congratulations for taking such a stand.

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