Monday, August 29, 2011

Layton's Tomb

How sad that the generations after us will not live to behold Jack Layton.  How tragic and unjust that the world entire cannot bask in the greatest smile ever known to man.  Jack Layton was every man, and every man should revere his scintillating domed crown.

But how?  How does a society achieve Mortal Justice?  The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics had an answer.

Lenin's Tomb was the USSR's greatest achievement in fairness.  Like the Pharaoh's of old, and some lucky animals, Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin was embalmed and preserved for all to see.
 Dare I suggest that the greatest Son of all our Fathers, Jack, remain with us.  Interring his remains would only release deadly greenhouse gases.  It is our duty to preserve him and to even provide animatronic prosthesis so that his smile may grace Parliament forever more.  We should declare it Layton's Tomb.

 Note: I'm sorry Jack is dead.  He made politics fun.  I think he would get what I'm saying here and laugh.

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