Friday, June 17, 2011

National Shame

What a way to blot out the pride we all felt after the Vancouver Olympics.  After the spontaneous anthems and record medal count that made us each claim Vancouver as a Canadian city, as our city, we had last night.


I don't care about the game.  I care less about hockey than I did a couple of days ago, and I certainly don't care for the nucks or their nucklehead fans.  Not now.  Now I hope they never win the cup ever.

I didn't even watch the game.  I was soaking in the rain watching my Stampeders get absolutely stomped by the Lions in a pre-season game.  Those are real fans.  At one point I heard a cheer go up.  Did the Canucks score a goal?  Nope: schadenfreude.   The cheer was for a Boston shut-out.  Understandable seeing as we were watching our own shutout.  Somebody in the crowd said that they were burning cars in Vancouver and it really didn't register until we went to a pub afterwards.

"Idiots" was the word that slipped from my mouth as I saw the images.  Its the one word statement of fact that was echoed by pundits and show hosts and columnists around the world.  As we were united in victory during the Vancouver Olympics, we were united again in shame and disgrace.

Depape got her wish.

I found myself cheering when police were beating a rioter.  Say what you want, that's how I felt.  I hate those people.  Rioters, Looters, Hooligans, Anarchists, all of you can have a baton in the face.  I would absolutely love a volunteer crowd control group.  If police can't stop a riot how will they stop us from stopping it (and cracking some heads that need a good crack.  Pun intended.)  That would be worth taking some knocks myself but we know how this idea would go.  Rioters and counter rioters would end up in a bloodbath and its only the skill and training of the police that stop people from getting killed in the first place.  Even the G20 was free of fatalities.  The fatality free G20 was a triumph of training, skill, discipline and planning no matter how the arm chair generals wank on about it.  Nobody died.  People who got hurt deserved it, and the rest faked it.  EOF

So fine, if that makes me a thug then so be it.  It boils my blood.  I'm an honest thug and one that is too busy and wise (and too old) to actually go out be one for real.  Let the professionals handle it.  They handle it better than I ever could.

Wisdom dictates that we can't just kick ass, but we can still take names.  This is the silver lining of this whole debacle.  Its so inspiring to me that social media is being used to identify the criminals who are too stupid to be ashamed of themselves.    Many vandals actually posted pictures of themselves posing in the midst of criminal acts.  The police are actively collecting evidence, and good citizens are helping out by posting their photos.

This blog actually makes me a lot less angry at Vancouver.  I know its a big city with some big losers in it.  Those losers have shamed Vancouver and Canada as a whole.  They have shamed me.

We can't let these crazies hold our great civilization hostage because we are too kind to stop them.  The people who've been identified should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  I want to see what happens to them.  I want them to replace however many millions they destroyed.  Most of all I want them publicly humiliated.  Their family needs to know what they did.  Their prospective employers need to know.  They need to stand in front of everyone, red faced and dripping with remorse, and apologize.  Then maybe we can be satisfied and forgive.


The_Iceman said...

Here's the thing, it wasn't just a few scattered anarchists as some people are saying. There were hundreds, if not thousands of people participating in the shenanigans. Sure the people who went downtown with gas cans and explosives is a relatively small number; but there were at least 1500 people guilty of a criminal act, if not more.

Then today you have the Mayor and Premier walking downtown doing press conferences promising to hunt down all responsible, dodging their own responsibility for not being adequately prepared for the event. Everything I'm hearing was that there were not an adequate number of officers in the streets. There were reserves on stanby in outlying areas, but they weren't called in until after the riot started.

This was not Vancouver's first riot, and the possibility should have been a priority to Clark and Robertson. I love Vancouver and will likely be living here for the rest of my life; but there is a substantial criminal under-belly.

Alex said...

Thanks Iceman. I really like Vancouver... but I'm disappointed. I think your city would do well to consider an alcohol ban should a Stanley Cup final ever return. That's the only way 1500 people turn into rioters even with the instigators.

Enkidu said...

They weren't my 'national team' and it's not my 'national shame'. Vancouver owns it, lock, stock and barrel.

This would not happen in Calgary, I know that because I partied downtown both when we won the cup and when we lost, and it didn't happen here. We're just better than that, that's all:)

Alex said...

Maybe not your team and not your responsibility but its still our shame. Its like a family member getting convicted of a very public crime. It reflects poorly on us however you may personally feel about it.

I'm glad we can differentiate between Calgary and Vancouver and be proud of that. We are better, and they should strive to be more like us. ;)

Anonymous said...

Vancouver has always been an abomination.Not only Hockey games have been witness to this egregious misconduct but almost every public event has been beseiged by stoned thugs and other miscreants hell bent to interupt and ruin the said events.White Rock sand festival,the Penticton Peach festival,the Mid summer firework displays ad nauseam...all have been ruined by the VanLoser thug element.Vancouver is not livable,hell I know "bought and paid for bull shit" when I see it and the Economist SUB Intelligence unit`s evaluation of Vancouver was based on either inflated and erroneous information supplied by vested Vancouver interests in the tourist and convention industry or someone has been provided with ah some incentives to put stinking Vancouver in the best possible light.VANCOUVER IS NOT LIVABLE it is an over rated backwater,insular,narcissistic,parochial and full of self centred,myopic people whose brains have been circuited by too much rain water penetrating their thick heads.

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