Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Glenn Beck Warns Canada About George Soros and American Left

Glenn Beck stands with Canada.  This is a message for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and "our Canadian friends"  Watch.

We already know about George Soros.  He runs the Tides Foundation which in turn sponsors the varied anti-human groups that seek to block and delay the Gateway Pipeline.  They are some of the same groups who blocked the Keystone Pipeline in the United States by threatening the President.

We all remember Avaaz, another George Soros group based in New York, who tried to get Sun News off the air.  They are currently trying to stop a long standing local logging company in Cochrane Alberta.  If that wasn't enough they are sending thousands of automated complaints from their New York Smear Engines to Elections Canada.

This is stuff we already know.  Soros' eye is fixed on Canada.  Beck says he plans to destroy our dollar and anything else we hold dear.  We're the last ones standing.  Euros, Pounds and US Dollars have all been pillaged by Soros.

I would take this seriously.  GB saw Occupy Wall Street months in advance.  When I heard it was in the final days of the May election.  I assumed it would be May Day and was wrong.  It didn't happen until October.  Don't assume it will be happening next week, but expect him. Expect Soros.

I'm not a finance genius but my first instinct is to make our dollar less attractive.  Dalton will be happy.  Raise interest rates?  I can't be sure.  Mark Carney and Jim Flaherty had better be wary.  Everyone laughs at Beck when he lays out what is coming.  This time I want to laugh because we didn't let it happen.


Anonymous said...

problem is stephen harper is a master strategist and a tactician soros don't know what will hit him

Alex said...

haha! That is no problem my friend. That is what we picked on May 2nd. We are so lucky to have leaders who's heads aren't up their butts.

Anonymous said...

sorry i didn't mean problem is I ment good thing that harper is a master treategist and a tactician not problem is. I am a harper fan

Alex said...

Of course not friend. You are always welcome here.

Anonymous said...

soros and his cabal are very dangerous. they engineer a currency collapse from outside the countries they are trying to influence.

Jen said...

The first place you attack or control is the msm.
And knowing how gullible, stupid and very ignorant and blinded with such hate for the cpc, anyone from the outside like soros, avaaz etc can VERY EASILY manipulate the canadian media.

And before the media ever come out of that 'hateful' stance they are in, they are slready been taken over from anyone anything.

I found something rather suspicious when Obama after denying the XL PIPEPLINES and the PM thank God, went ahead to sell it elsewhere, Obama and Clinton are NOW coming out in favour of the Pipelines. Sorry, I smell SOMETHING huge here and I amsure the PM does as well. I don't trust Obama or his administration that are controlled by the of Soros et tal.,

The bottom line is- Control and once controlled by outsiders to their will without any reaction of defense for yourself and country. YOU ARE DONE. Which the canadian media have proven to be already.

Roy Elsworth said...

yeah well obama is in trouble because it has just came out that president Obamas Birth Certificate is a Fraud to. but you keep investigating Jen I smell a rat to.

Alex said...

The birth cert stuff is a trap Roy. It's a fork. Whatever way the story goes it favors the dems. Best ignore it and play to the issues. That's where they lose, on the Economy.

Alex said...

@jen great points. Sun is the only real news we have. Soros has already made a play to shutter it once.

I hate to do it but the must carry license should happen. Extra market forces are working against our sovereign corporations, so I think extra market solutions should counter it. That is why they are there. It used to be the CBC reason for existing. Irony everywhere.

Thucydides said...

Hit back even harder.

Cancel your cable subscription and deny the CBC, CTV and other legacy meda your money (directly and indirectly by reducing their advertizing revenue). They will be less able to spread their lies.

Search your mutual fund portfolios for any companies owned by Soros, Buffet etc. and pressure the fund managers to dump them. Sell your shares and invest in "clean" companies wherever you can. A big market hit will derail their plans and at least slow them down.

Encourage all your American friends to go on a Capital Strike between now and November. If millions of Americans stop all economic activity outside of what is required to live, the resulting deep recession will scuttle the Obama administration's chances of reelection, and by extension, save us as well.

Lots of work to do, and very little time to do it.

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